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Zoe Brooks (with Tennyson)
by Zoe Brooks - Tuesday, 9 October 2018, 7:36 PM

This article by Westgard(s) is a great collection of comments from people all over the world -  that summarizes the state of confusion around MU in the laboratory

Can you please read and comment here?  Do you calculate MU?  If so, how?

We will talk more about this on Thursday.

Have a top quality day!



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When you start working with all the numbers, you see uncertainties, or confidence limits, everywhere.   Our goal is to determine if the patient or QC mean and SD changed significantly. which makes uncertainty of measurement critical ... as are significant figures, by the way.
If we measure the percent low and high risk patients each day, week and month for HbA1c, there are uncertainties in each data set.  For instance, in EP Evaluator software, they calculate confidence limits for the mean and SD saying: "95% Confidence Interval for SD: In a sense, this measures the "precision of the precision". It shows how much the SD might vary if the precision experiment was repeated with different experimental results. The width of the confidence interval depends on two factors: N and the intrinsic SD of the system. The reliability of the precision estimate improves as N increases."
If you have other comments or questions about MU, please send them.  Or please join us on Thursday at 2 PM for the online meeting.
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That is great.

Did your daily QC detect the problem initially or did you find it with a peer report or monthly review?  

Real problems are scarce and we have to be forever vigilant.



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The Scientific Advisory Board is -  an independent, apolitical, peer ACTION TEAM. 

1. Independent: of any existing organization or company. 

2. Apolitical: influenced only by the verifiable scientific and mathematical evidence revealed 

3. Peer: Anyone who plays a role in medical laboratory quality is welcome and their opinion will be actively sought and debated 

4. ACTION: We want to make a measurable difference in a meaningful time-frame 

5. TEAM: Teams will be created to answer specific questions or complete different studies. 

Great minds think differently 

Through the remainder of summer 2018, expect occasional emails, discussion forum updates and surveys.  Please spend these weeks becoming familiar with the educational and communication platform we will use at AWEsome-U and getting involved in discussions.  We will also be addressing some of the imperfections in this Moodle educational platform.  (If you happen to teach in Moodle, or have database expertise, please offer to help!)

For pressing questions and great ideas, or offers to roll up your sleeves and help please contact

Wishing you a top quality day!


Prof Zoe

Zoe Brooks, Transforming Risk Management in Healthcare 

Available to chat, book here:

Direct Line  705-665-2249 

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The Scientific Advisory Board exists to: 

1. validate the ability of Statistical QC / Risk Management software to improve patient lives and minimize healthcare costs. 

2. create a process to educate, implement and competency-certify staff to effectively use software to guide ISO/CLSI best practice for risk management. 

3. enable public transparency of risk and cost.

ISO 15189 Key Requirements 


Prof Zoe

Zoe Brooks, Transforming Risk Management in Healthcare 

Available to chat, book here:

Direct Line  705-665-2249 

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