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3. Numbers come from OPINION or FACT

Zoe Brooks (with Tennyson)
3. Numbers come from OPINION or FACT
by Zoe Brooks - Sunday, 19 August 2018, 6:58 PM

Opinion or Fact

Risk management uses different numbers and different logic than traditional statistical quality control. In Mathematically-OptimiZed Risk Evaluation©, there are no estimates or assumptions – just Opinions and Facts. 

The only OPINIONS that matter are those of the Medical Director (in collaboration with Patients, Institutions, Physicians and Society.) His/her medical and financial opinions go into the policy manual.

FACTS are measured and can be independently verified. Each fact has its own unique “What, Why, Where, Who, When and How.”

These Opinions and Facts can be mathematically evaluated using new risk management algorithms to automate continuous ability of methods and staff to meet defined acceptable risk criteria. You can also monitor existing cost of error and cost of error if the method fails.

Join the Scientific Advisory Board to learn M.O.R.E. and evaluate this new process http://rmw.awesomenumbers.org/scientificadvisoryboard

Are you a teacher? Talk to me in the fall about how this simplifies understanding!   It takes 9 verifiable 'risk drivers' to create the 'risk metrics' and action flags that effectively meet acceptable risk criteria; sigma is calculated from 3 estimates.

Aug 17, 2018

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