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2. Every Number Needs ONE

Zoe Brooks (with Tennyson)
2. Every Number Needs ONE
by Zoe Brooks - Thursday, 16 August 2018, 5:28 PM

Every Number Needs ONE


Yesterday I challenged you to:  Try this:  Select a QC chart and ask a selection of staff or colleagues to tell you the What, Why, Where, When Who and How of the values on the chart and QC rules applied.

Today’s exercise is to:  Select a monthly summary QC report, from your Peer QC provider or your own internal spreadsheets.   Now ask a colleague (or look in the mirror) and comment below.  Look at the Bias, Total Error, Sigma Value, SDI and CVI.   Do you really know what they mean?  If you asked 10 people, how many gave the same answer?

Before you begin to assess a new method or examine QC data, you should be able to state for each statistical indicator: If it is below 'x' I will think or do 'this' and "if it is above 'y' I will think or do 'that'."

Laboratory professionals currently look at the same number and words, but reach vastly different conclusions and take different action. Let's face that truth - and change it! 

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