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1. There is Only ONE Truth

Zoe Brooks (with Tennyson)
1. There is Only ONE Truth
by Zoe Brooks - Wednesday, 15 August 2018, 9:02 AM

There is only ONE truth


There are many statistical processes to estimate bias or calculate sigma, but there is only ONE truth in the patient population.  What do you think?  What do you do?  What is the best way to measure the truth? 

It makes sense that if PATIENT samples produce the same results on four different instruments, then those instruments have the same bias, the same sigma value, and require the same quality control process to detect failure of acceptable risk criteria.

It does NOT make sense that each laboratory professional is free to choose different QC samples with no obligation to prove that they reflect patients, and then calculate bias as variation between the current measured mean and 

[A] the peer group mean,
[B] the package insert mean, or
[C] the lab’s own historical mean or
[D] none of the above:  don’t calculate bias at all - estimate it from any proficiency program using any samples at any time.

Aug. 14, 2018.   Zoe Brooks 


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Picture of Dominguez Silva Jose Eduardo
Re: 1. There is Only ONE Truth
by Dominguez Silva Jose Eduardo - Tuesday, 18 September 2018, 12:07 AM

the peer group mean, 

It has allowed us to detect biases in real time which have been reflected in the EC proficiency tests in recovery

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Zoe Brooks (with Tennyson)
Re: 1. There is Only ONE Truth
by Zoe Brooks - Tuesday, 18 September 2018, 2:28 AM

That is great.

Did your daily QC detect the problem initially or did you find it with a peer report or monthly review?  

Real problems are scarce and we have to be forever vigilant.



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