This course is the results of a "Prof Zoe" Aug 5, 2018, Linked-IN post. 

"As I skimmed posts the past few morning and commented on a few, it occurred to me that all this valuable information is being lost.  If you would you like to do something about that, then like this post and I will create the process.

I have this naive notion that people can work together for the greater good, if we can create the right environment.  
is a full University level learning platform (Moodle) with the ability to create discussion forums, databases of literature and data, groups, projects, courses, etc.  (Unfortunately, the operator (myself) is not as qualified, so please be patient.) "

People liked it - so here it is!   Over the summer of 2018, we will experiment TOGETHER to improve site efficiency.

Prof Zoe:
It is not easy to change your thought process from [A] what you have always assumed from statistics to [B] what you can prove to be true following the very specific instructions in CLSI EP23-A and ISO 15189.  

I kept the CLSI EP 23-A glossary open and checking my thought process while I discovered what was really going on with the QC process.

Reproduced with permission of CLSI. 

This one hour panel webinar highlights the Checklist of Best Practice for Risk Management with Statistical QC.  Log in and click 'self enroll' to watch and comment.