7. An hour At The Improv March 20, 2014


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Quality Control:  "An Hour at the Improv." 

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What is going on?
We examined measured data points from one sample from one method.  There was one truth.  Accuracy and precision were the same.
We created two Q.C. charts with different choices for the assigned/fixed mean & SD.  When we surveyed 50 lab professionals, their conclusions of the exact same data changed when the chart values changed.  
Then we asked what they would do, how long it would take to stop after failure. Check out the optical illusion!  The exact same normal data pattern was created on two Q.C. charts that both used the same assigned/fixed values.  What they thought and what they would do was different.  

"We are counting the veins of the leaves on the trees, and no one is checking the health of the forest!"  Link
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Start with a real sodium example, then make and discuss cumulative changes in the 4 key numbers that drive analytical quality and 3 personal decisions that determine quality control effectiveness.
4 key numbers: Why would the mean/SD/True/TEa change? Where do they come from? Why might they be wrong? Link each change to analytical quality and Q.C. effectiveness.
3 personal decisions: Then change assigned mean & SD & QC rule. What is the impact of wrong decisions? How to make the right ones. When is it right to change QC design?
Next Webinar  Thursday April 3, 2:30  PM EST

An Unbiased Look at Bias
In theory, it is easy 'enter bias' in the formula.
In practice, bias is much trickier than you think.  
Does your Q.C. practice monitor accuracy/bias?  Really?  Can you prove that?
You may be surprised! 
See why with more simulations. 


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An Unbiased Look at Bias


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Take The Q.C. Chart Challenge!
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Zoe Brooks     March 18, 2014
Please note.  I am not being critical of any individual person, institution or organization.  I want to express my most sincere respect, admiration and appreciation to  Dr. Westgard and so many others.  This process does not contradict  today's  published  recommended, principles and processes; it just implements them differently. 
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