3. The Journey to Stats-Free Quality January 29, 2014


# 3.  Webinar #1.  The Journey Begins
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The Journey to STATS-FREE QualEnroll in Webinar Seriesity!

Tomorrow, January 30th at 2:30 PM EST, is the first webinar in the journey to Stats-Free Journey.  I hope you have time to join!  (Register here.)  Most webinars will consist of a 30 minute presentation with 15 minutes Q & A.    There are periodic open dialogues where you are invited to submit case studies and questions. We welcome guest panelists, presenters and authors, and hope you will contribute. 

The objective of this journey is reach a common understanding of the connections between QC practice and patient care.   Then we can assess clinical effectiveness of current Q.C. practice to protect patients. 
Q.C. has not changed significantly in 25 years.  What do we want to do in the next 25?

 Please join the discussions, spread the word, participate in and follow the studies, be part of the process.

This week's online discussions: 
  1. Do you think it is OK for 1 result in 20 to be medically invalid?
  2. Assume for the moment that this change in Q.C. practice will make a significant improvement, what are the obstacles to overcome?  
Webinars will be recorded.  Do not worry if you cannot attend the whole series. 
Webinar Focus


From Stats to Stats Free  25 Years in 25 Weeks


 If we only knew then what we know now ... oh wait, we did!
"Clinical Standards of Quality Control"  1991

Open Dialogue


Using Total allowable Error to Qualify Reagents and Calibrators,  AACC Poster 1992


 "Using Total Error to Monitor  Performance, Qualify  Reagents  and Calibrators, and Select QC Protocols - Real World  Examples";  AACC 1993


The great bias study of 1994


QC Statistics ... Confusion or Comprehension?
AACC Poster 1995


Open Dialogue


A total error graph of individual data points provides rapid, easy, practical assessment of laboratory performance”  IFCC Poster, England 1996


AACC 1998 - Quality Control in Six Simple Steps 

A Different Perspective

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Our goal -  clear communication between all the stakeholders in laboratory quality.
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Thanks for caring for quality!         
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Zoe Brooks     January 29, 2014
  1. M Best and D Neuhauser,   Walter A Shewhart, 1924, and the Hawthorne factory
    Qual Saf Health Care. 2006 April; 15(2): 142–143.doi:  10.1136/qshc.2006.018093PMCID: PMC2464836

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Please note.  I am not being critical of any individual person, institution or organization.  I want to express my most sincere respect, admiration and appreciation to  Dr. Westgard and so many others.  This process does not contradict  today's  published  recommended, principles and processes; it just implements them differently. 
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