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This is a Learning Management System so it is a little trickier than some sites at first to get around.

Icons for coursesYou must be a member to enroll in courses.  Some allow guest access.  Some require membership. Some are paid courses with competency assessment.

Some 'courses' are really just discussion and project areas.

I come here almost daily to check the definitions and selections from CLSI EP 23-A to retrain my brain to think in terms of patient risk, not ingrained statistical assumptions.

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If you need a new account, just register.

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Just self enroll in the course.  Some course/projects require passwords.  Contact us if you need one.

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Inside each course you will find tabs with discussion forums and resources.  We can upload data for studies, plan projects and explore M.O.R.E. Quality together. 

Talk about M.O.R.E. Quality

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