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There seem to be many driving forces moving us towards risk management instead.   What are the restraining forces holding labs back, and how can we overcome them.

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Chapter 1 The Big Picture

Chapter 2 Gathering Data

Chapter 3 Aligning Laboratory Results with Quality Specifications

Chapter 4 QC Charts and Rules

Chapter 5 Choosing our Own Rules

Chapter 6 Peer Comparison Programs

Chapter 7 Investigating and Resolving Problems in Daily QC

Chapter 8 Solving Problems with Summary and Peer Data


Appendix A Tables of Sample Quality Specifications

1. Quality Specifications Based on Biological Variation: Biochemistry

2. Quality Specifications Based on Biological Variation: Hematology

3. Quality Specifications Based on Biological Variation: Urine Chemistry 

4. CLIA Proficiency Testing Criteria for Acceptable Analytical Quality


Appendix B Worksheets

1. Quality Specifications

2. Quality Control Process Design

3. Definition of Quality Control Charts

4. Simulate Shift to Critical Systematic Error

5. QIK Worksheet for Investigation of Daily QC Problems

6. QIK Worksheet for Investigation of Summary QC Problems


Glossary of Terms

Further Reading



Post replies with suggestions of how to organize the re-write with educational and competency exercises and case studies.


Here is a reference for "10 Brainstorming Rules For Success"


  • What experiences have you had with structured brainstorming in an online environment?
  • How can we optimize this site / project for online use?




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As of today (Feb 23, 2018) we have a few good people from all over the world and all branches of 'the tree of lab quality' who have stepped forward and said "Let's do something to improve laboratory quality."

The next question is: How?  

Please post separate replies for each "idea" such as Google Docs, Online meetings,  Live chats, Videos, Polls.   What have you had good and bad experiences with?

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