192 Flavours of Quality Control

There are many ways to do Q.C. I wonder if they all work?

Many thanks to those who answered the survey. You are really somebody and you did something to help close the Q.C. Gap! CONGRATULATIONS!

(The survey is still open. Please answer it and ask your friends!)

The results show a similar mix to what I see in workshops.

192 Flavours of Quality

People chose 6 sources for the assigned mean; 8 for the assigned SD and 4 for the Q.C. rules. That is potentially 192 different Q.C. processes (8x6x4).

One of the recurring observations in each university course is "Gee, you use the same instrument we do, but your QC is totally different." (Does It Make Sense?)

Effective quality control processes detect clinically-significant change in the first run after it occurs. The significant problem is detected and (if staff respond appropriately) patient risk averted.

Effectiveness of Q.C. processes is driven by the combination of the assigned/fixed mean & SD on the chart and the Q.C. rules applied.

I find this fundamental principle is not well taught, and therefor poorly understood. Poor understanding of the fundamentals of 'how Q.C. works' is the root cause of ineffective Q.C. practice.