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This section of the site explores the process of Mathematically-OptimiZed Risk Evaluation™with posters, articles, case studies, surveys and discussion forums.

See how risk metrics and risk graphics bring an entirely new perspective to lab QC.

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October 2017

Invitational Webinar: the Original Risk Evaluation Comparison

What is this?  - an interactive online event that offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to:

  1. quantify patient risk from medical laboratory ‘errors’ by submitting in your analytical & quality control processes
  2. validate your QC process against the ‘Prime Directive’ of Risk Management: “At the least, the ability of the QC procedures to detect medically allowable error should be evaluated." 
  3. examine risk metrics of up to 300 analytical processes
    1. mainly for glucose, calcium and sodium
  4. evaluate the value of a NEW approach to quality management in terms of:
    1. the number of patients you can potentially save from risk and
    2. the associated clinical/legal savings
    3. based on your risk drivers
  5. participate in discussions and surveys on reports
  6. co-author, post and discuss results

Who is invited?
Attendance is limited to 1st twenty people to register.  Invitations will be extended to 30 to 40:
a.    Laboratory professionals from large, small, specialized and general laboratories who attended the AACC BrownBag session “Evaluate acceptability of patient risk at monthly/regular QC review.”
b.    Researchers, consultants, colleagues, and “QC keeners” invited by Zoe Brooks, M.O.R.E. Quality™ Consultants.
c.    People who contact us through social media posts and would like to either participate or review the data for publication.   <span style="color: #0000ff; text-decoration: underline;"></span>

Some of the new information revealed by Risk Metrics is virtually unbelievable.   Come in here and let's talk about why they are, and what YOU can do about it.

Resources, discussions and projects for M.O.R.E. Quality Consultants

Do you care deeply about quality?  Can you envision a simpler and more effective way to manage quality?  

This 'course' is for M.O.R.E. Quality Consultants and others who are willing to roll up their sleeves and work together to:

  1. Understand, validate and improve the process of M.O.R.E. Quality
  2. Coordinate and publish studies
  3. Help others to do M.O.R.E.

How can you join? 

  1. Become a consultant
  2. and volunteer

This 'course' is a central hub for all members with references, resources, discussion forums and spin-offs to project groups. 

Fast-track to what you really need to know to meet requirements for IQCP (Risk Management) requirements and implement verified QC Processes. 

Members can self enroll. No password required.