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Mathematically-OptimiZed Risk EvaluationThis site is dedicated to making a measurable difference in patient care.   How?

  •  by reducing the number of medically-unreliable laboratory results reported.  How?
    •  by automating the statistical quality control process to continuously maintain a medical goal and acceptable risk level (failure rate) for each QC sample.  How?
      • New mathematical algorithms convert factual risk drivers to risk metrics of the number and cost of medically-unreliable results (MURs), risk graphics, risk-based quality grades, pass/fail evaluation and action flags 
        • M.O.R.E. Quality™ certified software advises a 5-part QC strategy that is verified to maintain defined standards. 
        • The computer advises people to improve method accuracy or precision and guides them to probable causes.
        • If connected to daily QC software, the optimum QC process can be auto-implemented and continuously updated. 

"Mathematically-OptimiZed Risk Evaluation™" enhances the power of sigma and Westgard rules today.  Tomorrow it will transcend them.


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