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Problem: Many authors have published shortcomings of laboratory quality and QC practice.  Risk management concepts reveal the root cause: There is no place in the mathematics of existing QC and sigma concepts for "acceptable risk criteria" required to manage risk.  Risk metrics that quantify the number and cost of results that fail to meet allowable error limit reveal shocking truths about avoidable patient risk exposure and laboratory QC costs.

Solution: Mathematically-OptimiZed Risk Evaluation™ applies NEW mathematical algorithms to auto-manage risk evaluation and QC process design. 

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"At the least, the ability of the QC procedures to detect medically allowable error should be evaluated." CLSI EP23-A

“One cannot assume that a built-in or user-applied control is 100% effective in preventing or detecting a failure unless supported by data.” CLSI EP 23-A

Risk evaluation – process of comparing the estimated risk against given risk criteria to determine the acceptability of the risk.  CLSI EP 23-A

Does your lab need M.O.R.E. Quality

  • auto-evaluates acceptability of risk against acceptable risk criteria to speed monthly review
  • guides existing QC software to meet medical goals and acceptable risk criteria
  • guides staff to stop and  improve accuracy, precision or the QC process as indicated.


The revolution of quality management

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